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Visualise Training and Consultancy Ltd was established in 2014 by Daniel Williams who has an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa which means he is gradually losing his sight.

Your experts in accessibility, inclusion and equality for employees living with sight or hearing loss.

Our specialist workplace assessment service promotes independence at work while our training options increase knowledge and understanding of sensory loss so everyone benefits.

If you, or any of your colleagues, face barriers at work due to sensory loss, we can help, because nobody should face hearing or sight loss alone.

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Our Mission

Visualise Training and Consultancy exists to provide everyone with the skills and confidence to promote accessibility, inclusivity and equality of opportunity for people living with hearing or sight loss.

Our vision

To deliver our workplace assessment and sensory loss awareness courses worldwide to ensure people never have to face hearing or sight loss alone.


Hearing or Sight Loss Needn’t Mean Job Loss

Workplace Assessments

Visual impairment, hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus are indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any point in their working lives.

The impacts of sudden or gradual sensory loss can be far-reaching, especially in a work situation, so we provide virtual and face-to-face workplace assessments to identify employees’ challenges.

Our expert assessors, many of whom live with sensory loss, then produce a comprehensive solution-focused report recommending reasonable adjustments to help employees retain, develop and thrive in their roles.

Assessments are holistic to ensure that external factors are also considered, as they can often affect performance at work.

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Increasing Colleagues’ Awareness and Understanding

Sensory loss can lead to isolation and a lack of confidence so we’ve designed a range of face-to-face and eLearning training courses to raise colleagues’ awareness and understanding of visual impairment, hearing loss and other disabilities.

This makes staff teams more inclusive and equips colleagues with the skills to also interact confidently with the organisation’s customers or clients. Find out how our courses can increase accessibility, inclusion and equality at https://visualisetrainingandconsultancy.com/training/

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