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June 23, 2017

Disability Inclusion in Fashion Revolution week

We expect fashion to be socially aware and forward thinking. It has the power in its ubiquity to voice issues and change opinions surrounding diversity and inclusion. Why then does it so often shy away from its responsibilities? Important questions When is the last time that you saw people with disabilities included on the catwalk,...
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Mental health Awareness Week

May sees the arrival of Mental Health Week. This makes it a good time to ask whether current mental health support for people with disabilities is proving effective. The theme of this year’s campaign, Surviving or Thriving, hints at the situation many find themselves in. So what more can be done to improve the mental...
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Workplace Eye Health

This is workplace eye wellness month, and a great time to reassess your eye health. Are you doing all you can to protect your sight, whatever degree of vision, or visual impairment, you may have? It’s also an opportunity for employers to examine whether they’re doing all they can to ensure that staff with visual...
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Disabled Access Day

Disability access has recently been starting to receive the media coverage it deserves, and disabled access day is a great opportunity to open up the discussion around definitions of disability. It raises the fundamental question of whether we really are disabled, or whether we live in a society that disables us by choosing not to...
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