We have designed and built our website to be usable and accessible for everyone. Using best practices and adhering to Web Content Authoring Guidelines 2.0.

Using our website


You can make the size of your page or the text larger under the settings of your device (desktop, tablet or mobile) and using assistive technologies like Zoomtext or the accessibility settings of your operating system.


If you have any difficulty viewing the colours on our website there are resources on changing the colours to suit you via your browser settings. We’ve followed WCAG 2.0 colour guidelines across the website.

Screen readers and keyboard navigation

The content has been structured and used correct syntax to aid navigation. You can also use our site map to find the content you want on our website.

Accessibility issues

If you have any problems using our website, please let us know.

Using technology

We provide accessible technology and assistive technology training, from iPhones to JAWS.