Benefits of Disability Confidence

Employees with disabilities are still chronically under-represented in the UK workplace, and this clearly remains one of the key reasons for ongoing social discrimination, and economic inequality.

Supported employment is key to overcoming these persistent prejudices. As with any minority group, the more visible we become in positions of strength and responsibility, the more prejudices are called out. So if you meet with reluctance from a business to employ you, even though you’re a great candidate who just happens to have a disability, here are some persuasive arguments it’s very difficult to deny.

It’s in your own interest

It’s to the advantage of any company to employ people with disabilities. Disabled people tend to be motivated and enthusiastic, and they have experience of being challenged, and of rising to that challenge. We have overcome discrimination by allowing nothing to stand in our way, and this tenacity and determination translates well to the workplace, as does our ability to problem-solve and adapt to challenging situations.

Working well together

Employing people with disabilities has been shown to benefit other employees and customers. It promotes concepts of inclusivity, and benefits disabled customers as a result of greater institutional awareness. It also fosters a stronger corporate identity, cultivating concepts such as team spirit, and the integration of difference.

Getting the very best

Opening your business to employing people with disabilities also widens the talent pool from which you’re looking to attract qualified candidates. The more you open your organisation to people of all backgrounds, the more likely you are to find what you really need.

Leading the way

Recruiting with an awareness of disability also puts a company at the forefront of compliance with employment legislation, and ensures a positive business profile. This same disability legislation can also make it  at the very least financially neutral to employ someone with a disability. Not only are there available grants towards the costs of any reasonable adjustments to the workplace (which may also benefit customers with disabilities), but there are also workstep grants available, individually tailored to the needs of employers and employees.

It’s time that businesses disposed of outdated perceptions of disability, and made their workplaces more dynamic, diverse and inclusive environments. And it’s time for us to convince them of the fact.

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