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Case Studies

Welcome to our Case Studies page. Here you can find our videos which include those with visual impairments talking about their personal experiences and how sight loss has effected them.

Ryan Compton’s Story 

Ryan has a condition called Glaucoma. The symptoms of this condition include increased glare, reduced field of vision and severe discomfort, due to high pressure on the back of the eye. In this video Ryan explains the barriers he faces on a daily basis and gives an insight into the lack of understanding of visual impairments within society.

You can also find customer service scenario videos, which are short video’s that Visualise have put together to emphasise the reality of the help those with visual impairments receive in public on a day to day basis.

Peter Frisby’s Story

Peter talks about his sudden sight loss, which occurred through a car accident when he was 18 years old. As a result of the crash, Peter underwent surgery where he was given artificial eyes; he lost all vision. Pete expresses the emotional impact of sight loss and shares his stories of peoples perceptions of him as a blind person.

Excellent Customer Service

This role play video shows the correct way to approach, guide and assist a visually impaired customer to give them an excellent experience within the organisation visited. This video demonstrates a ‘hotel check-in’ scenario that highlights the importance of staff confidence and how it reflects on the customer’s experience.

Poor Customer Service

This role play video shows the incorrect way to treat a visually impaired customer and displays common misunderstanding of how to assist, guide and communicate with a visually impaired person. These mistakes are commonly made due to lack of training.

To ensure this does not happen to your 1 in 30 blind and partially sighted customers please Contact Us.