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Dave Steele, The Blind Poet

Huge thanks to Dave Steele, The Blind Poet, for this inspiring poem – great to know we’ve helped you on your journey Dave.

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Close your eyes and visualise
you could walk within my shoes
Despite fading sight
that you still might get to live the life you choose
It seems like only yesterday
that I first heard the news
that there was nothing they could do and my sight I soon would lose.
I felt my world cave in on me
but how now could I tell
my wife my loving family
and oh god my boss as well.
A million blind scenarios came rushing through my head
will they understand with helping hand
or let me go instead
I’ve heard so many stories of what disabled people face
when there is no support within their day to day workplace
But luckily for me I found an ear for fears to vent
The team at Visualise could do my workplace assessment
To ease the loss
support my boss
to help me to believe
that with some simple training all my goals I’d still achieve
When sat at my computer screen I’d struggle to get by
but now with assistive technology any text I magnify
My boss and I never realised the support we’d find out there
Found connections with local charities
real people who really care
So here I stand before you living this life to my best
So much has changed from that first day I failed the blindness test
Although my sight still disappears my fears of work are gone
Thanks to Visualise Training and Consultancy
my work life carries on. #BlindPoet

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About the author

Daniel Williams, the director of Visualise Training Consultancy