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e-learning for disability awareness

A group of friends smiling and having fun in a pub. It includes a woman in a wheelchair and a man with a prosthetic leg. We use this image in disability e-learning.

A new Disability Awareness for All e-learning course to develop knowledge of all aspects of disability has been designed and launched by our award-winning founder Dan Williams.

It provides learners with the practical skills and confidence needed to effectively assist people with disabilities and covers definitions, types, legislation, discrimination, reasonable adjustments, employment matters, etiquette, communication, interaction and appropriate language.

Having lived with sight loss from childhood, Dan fully appreciates the challenges a disability can present. However, thanks to his lived and professional experiences, he understands what support is needed to live independently and has designed the course accordingly.

He says, “There are so many emotional and practical aspects to living with a disability, so I wanted to design a course that will raise awareness, knowledge and skills. There is often a fear of offending someone by offering assistance, but the skills gained by learners gives them the confidence to overcome this.”

The e-learning provides an ideal induction tool which can be completed online from any location and it can also be used for CPD evidence if applicable.

Use this link to find out more about the course and our other training options or email if you have any questions.