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Do I still need a regular eye test if I’m visually impaired?

You might have found yourself in the situation that many people with sight loss face, that is going for an eye test and being told ...
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e-learning for disability awareness

Our new e-learning course provides learners with the practical skills and confidence needed to effectively assist people with disabilities
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Sight Difficulties? A Workplace Assessment can really help…

Are you struggling at work because of poor vision and yet you haven’t discussed the issue with your manager, for fear of what the consequences ...
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Does your website comply with accessibility legislation?

Under the Equality Act 2010 website owners must ensure their websites are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Therefore, web designers, developers and operators ...
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Sight Loss Needn’t Mean Job Loss

Visualise Founder Daniel Williams looks at how, with reasonable adjustments, assistive technology and support, employees with visual impairment can continue to enjoy fulfilling and productive ...
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Are supermarkets turning a blind eye to customers with visual impairments?

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely been a real eye-opener for me where website accessibility and food shopping are concerned. As I’m self-Isolating and with my ...
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Dealing with Sight Loss: Being Blind in Business

A disability doesn’t define someone, nor does it equal inability. Whilst it’s important to understand the unique circumstances people may have, often I’ve found it ...
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Supporting Employees with Visual Impairments

This article focuses on employees with visual impairments and how organisations can support them to maximise their potential.
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Are UK Trains Accessible to Passengers with disabilities?

If you are a person living with a disability, it’s frustrating that you cannot just turn up at the station, get on a train and ...
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Croydon Vision Talking Newspaper Interview

Following Dan's talk at the Croydon Vision AGM about the challenges of growing up with sight loss and how they spurred him on to make ...
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