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Be Your Own Boss Course

This course is an introductory course giving you the skills and knowledge to explore if self-employment is for you.  It outlines the basics of the journey to self-employment, giving the opportunity to discuss a variety of different topics surrounding self-employment with two experienced entrepreneurs who were once in a similar situation debating whether self-employment was for them. There are many considerations to be made when embarking on the route to self-employment and this course will enable you to thoroughly explore all aspects of self-employment, whilst assisting you to make that decision whether self-employment is for you.

staff sat at desk with manager talking about their targets man looking feed up of being employed and man then working at a computer saying hurray i've done it i'm self employed

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?

  • Are you fed up of the 9-5?
  • Curious to know what self-employment may be like and thinking about taking the leap?
  • Want to turn an idea into a reality?
  • Would you like flexible working hours?
  • Does your disability make it difficult to work in a 9-5 structure?
  • Would you like your work to fit around your childcare commitments?
  • Would you like your work to fit around your caring commitments?
  • Do you feel unappreciated in your job?
  • Do you want to be your own boss?

Then maybe self-employment is for you…

Learning outcomes:

  • Identifying which social media platform is most suitable for your sole-trader business
  • Understanding how to effectively market your business, identifying your customers and your branding approach
  • Exploring advantages and disadvantages of self-employment
  • Exploring your funding options and available support
  • Identifying factors to consider, when building and maintaining your website
  • Analysing considerations when developing a business plan, including opportunities and threats to your business
  • Understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to self-employment
  • Understanding the importance of self-presentation, and its impact on your business

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for…….

  • Those seeking a new career
  • Those who are unemployed/long-term health condition or a disability
  • Those who have an idea for a business opportunity but are not sure how to take it forward

Who delivers the course?

The course is delivered by Ryan Compton, the Director of Centre for Resolution and Daniel Williams, Visualise Training and Consultancy. It is devised for individuals wanting to know more about how to start up a business, and what becoming self-employed involves.

Both men have experience of setting up their own businesses, and both have done so despite the barriers they faced as individuals with disabilities. With resilience, determination and ambition they have created successful businesses that they are passionate about, and in this course, they share their skills and experiences to empower and motivate others to set up their own businesses.

Image of Ryan and Daniel standing side by side

Registered blind at six years of age, Ryan has had many challenges in his life to overcome. Ryan is a professional mentor and mediator with sixteen years’ experience in community-based support, and is used to delivering information clearly and concisely, and to responding analytically to issues that arise from discussion. Throughout his career, he has specialised in working with people with disabilities and difficulties with low self-esteem, and his energetic, empathetic approach makes him an engaging and inspiring course leader. Ryan has experience of running private and not-for-profit organisations.

Daniel was registered blind at the age of eight, and has spent a large part of his career helping other people with visual impairments to lead independent lives through his campaigning and advocacy work. Much of his professional life has been spent in workplace training and employee retention for people with disabilities, to raising awareness and creating positive change. His expertise is thus directly founded in overcoming employment barriers to achieve success. He has helped numerous people set up their own businesses. Daniel sits on a number of steering groups helping to shape the direction of organisations and research, to become more inclusive as well as being an inspirational Young Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, including motivational speaking and assessing young people’s business plans for financial support

Both Daniel and Ryan hold degree level qualifications, Ryan in Mentoring and Coaching, and Daniel in Sight Loss Rehabilitation and Business Studies.

Why they deliver the course?

As entrepreneurs with experience of running their businesses, they are passionate about what they do, and about encouraging more people to follow their lead, whatever barriers are placed in their way.

They are driven, determined, and enthusiastic about their work;

“we want to instill these same drivers and ambitions in you, and present you with practical ways of unlocking your business potential and achieving your aims.

We are also experienced businessmen who understand how much of a struggle it can be to convince people of your business model, find financial backing and get your project off the ground. We are realistic about just how much hard work is involved in getting where you want to go, and are determined to provide you with the information and advice that will give you the very best chance of success”.

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