Hearing Loss and Deaf Awareness Training – Interactive Online Course in the UK


At Visualise Training and Consultancy, we offer live, interactive online sessions on hearing loss and deaf awareness, enabling your team members to join from anywhere in the world. Our training focuses on empathy and engagement to raise awareness and promote positive change within organisations and wider society. This course aims to be a part of a broader movement to improve attitudes towards, and opportunities for, deaf individuals, those with hearing loss, and people living with tinnitus.

Why This Training is Essential

With many of your customers, clients, and employees potentially living with hearing loss, it’s crucial to equip your staff with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to offer appropriate support. Our interactive and informative sessions are delivered by specialist trainers who have personal and lived experiences of hearing loss. This provides your team with genuine insights into the barriers that deaf individuals often face in employment settings and when accessing services.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for anyone in a customer-facing role, staff responsible for recruitment and retention, and managers and teams with deaf colleagues. Participants will learn to address common questions about deafness and hearing loss, including:

  • How do I support a person with hearing loss?
  • What does it mean to have hearing loss?
  • How do I get the terminology right so I don’t offend?
  • What jobs can deaf people do?
  • How can I ensure my business is accessible for people with hearing loss?
  • How do I communicate with deaf people?
  • How do I ensure my employees maintain good hearing health?

Course Content

Our bespoke awareness training is tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Typically, the course covers:

  • The Causes and Effects of Hearing Loss: Understand the various causes and their impacts on individuals.
  • The Emotional Impacts: Explore the emotional challenges associated with hearing loss.
  • Lip-Reading and Non-Verbal Communication: Learn essential skills for effective communication.
  • Basic British Sign Language (BSL) and the Fingerspelling Alphabet: Gain an introduction to BSL and the fingerspelling alphabet.
  • Effective Communication and Appropriate Language: Use the right terminology and improve your communication skills.
  • Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace: Learn about necessary adjustments to support deaf employees.
  • Complying with The Equality Act 2010: Ensure your business complies with legal requirements.
  • Making Your Buildings and Environments Accessible: Improve accessibility for individuals with hearing loss.
  • The Importance of Hearing Health: Promote good hearing health practises.

How Assistive Technology Can Empower a Person with Hearing Loss: Discover the latest assistive technologies and their benefits.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our course is designed to be interactive, challenging, and engaging. Delegates are encouraged to take a hands-on approach and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to our experienced trainers. If you prefer a less interactive option, consider our Online Deaf Awareness Training package.

Cost and Booking

The 2-hour online session for a group of up to 16 learners costs £500 + VAT. To find out more or to book a session, please email us at [email protected].

By choosing our Hearing Loss and Deaf Awareness Training, you are taking a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone in your organisation. Join us at Visualise Training and Consultancy and make a positive impact today.