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Sideways shot of woman's face in close up

I’d never have guessed… you really don’t look blind!

Lots of people, including those who have been blind since childhood, haven’t the foggiest what being blind is supposed to look like so comments like ‘You don’t look blind’ can be somewhat baffling.

Where am I in the Media, Fashion and TV Industries?

Where am I?  The depiction of disability in the media plays a major part in shaping public perception. People are directly influenced by the portrayal of these perceptions. The media has immense power to reinforce negative images and stereotypes or to radiate positive and empowering beliefs. Yet where am I? People like me Despite major...

I can be sexy too! Just like you!

A recent set of portraits doing the rounds of social media did a bang-up job of causing a storm in a virtual teacup. One was of a twenty-something woman in a yellow bikini. There was one of a drop dead gorgeous young guy with an elegant sartorial style…in a crisp city smart suit and tie....