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Workplace Assessments

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Workplace Assessments

Our Workplace Assessments support employees with visual impairment or hearing loss while helping your organisation become more inclusive, accessible and equal for everyone.

By taking a holistic approach, we identify all barriers to effective workflow and come up with practical solutions that benefit the employee, their team, and the organisation as a whole.

Assessments cover work station set-up, display screen equipment (DSE), assistive technology and interaction with colleagues. We also look at external factors such as travel and any home related issues that may impact the employee’s performance at work.

Once reviewed, reasonable adjustments can be put in place to help the individual reach their full working potential. Commissioning a visual impairment work-based assessment indicates that you value your employee with sight loss, and wish to ensure that their time in their work environment is productive and supported. Blind and partially sighted people have so much to gain from these consultations.

Workplace Assessments for Employees with Visual ImpairmentGraphic of a person working at a desk - relates to workplace assessments

Our assessment service for employees with visual impairment ensures reasonable adjustments that will enable them to continue working effectively are put in place. Inclusion, accessibility and equality aspects are also fully addressed. To find out more, click on the title above or use this link: Visual Impairment Work Based Assessment

Graphic of a person working at a desk - relates to workplace assessments   Workplace Assessments for Employees with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects five million UK people of working age so being fully aware and catering for the requirements of any staff members with additional needs is essential as an inclusive employer. Our holistic virtual workplace assessments ensure that employees with hearing loss have the opportunity to successfully develop their careers while feeling valued as part of the team. We can advise on particular equipment, workplace adjustments and even recommend specialised tuition, such as lipreading and managing hearing loss classes. To find out more, click on the title above or use this link: Hearing Loss Work Based Assessment

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