Workplace Assessments

Here’s a video highlighting our Workplace Assessment service (includes BSL and subtitles)

Workplace Assessments for employees with vision impairments or who are Deaf or have hearing loss

Workplace Assessments support employees with sensory impairments while helping your organisation become more inclusive, accessible and equal for everyone.

Taking a holistic approach, we identify workplace challenges and practical solutions that benefits both employees and their colleagues.

Assessments cover all aspects of the job role including tasks, working environment, display screen equipment (DSE), assistive technology, changes to procedures and interaction with colleagues and customers. We also look at external factors such as travel and any home-related challenges that may indirectly impact employees’ work performance.

Once our recommendations are reviewed, reasonable adjustments can be put in place to help employees reach their full working potential. Commissioning a work-based assessment indicates that you value your employees and wish to ensure their roles are fully supported and productive.

Workplace Assessments for Employees with Visual Impairment Graphic of a person working at a desk - relates to workplace assessments

Sight loss impacts over two million people in the UK and every day, around two hundred and fifty people start to lose their sight. Our work-based needs assessments for employees with visual impairment ensure that appropriate reasonable adjustments that promote inclusive, accessible and equal working practices are recommended.

Graphic of a person working at a desk - relates to workplace assessments    Workplace Assessments for Employees with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects five million UK people of working age so being fully aware and meeting the requirements of staff members with additional needs is essential as an inclusive employer. Our holistic workplace assessments ensure that employees with hearing loss have the opportunity to successfully develop their careers while feeling valued as part of the team. We can advise on specialist equipment, workplace adjustments and recommend bespoke tuition such as lipreading and managing hearing loss classes.

Reasons for Commissioning a Workplace Assessment

  • Improves productivity and job satisfaction by helping employees carry out their roles more effectively and efficiently.
  • To ensure compliance with The Equality Act 2010: Employers have a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities. A workplace assessment can help ensure this statutory requirement is met.
  • To support career development by identifying and addressing any barriers that may be affecting employees’ ability to perform their jobs. An assessment can help support career progression and enable employees’ full potential to be reached.
  • To promote a more inclusive, accessible and diverse workplace culture.

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