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Workplace Assessments for Employees with Hearing Loss

An image showing two people communicating via a video call. One has  hearing loss.
Our virtual assessments offer a friendly and flexible solution to employees with hearing loss

Hearing Loss Needn’t Mean Job Loss

Hearing loss affects five million UK people of working age so being fully aware and catering for the requirements of any staff members with additional needs is essential as an inclusive employer. Our holistic virtual workplace assessments aim to ensure that employees with hearing loss have the opportunity to successfully develop their careers while feeling valued as part of the team.

Our holistic virtual Workplace Assessments identify:

• Any challenges your employee is facing
• Specialist aids, resources and equipment needed to perform duties effectively
• Impacts of environmental factors such as adjusting the layout of a meeting, lighting, work station set-up and location
• Requirements for a support worker where all other adjustments have been considered.
• Useful provisions such as awareness training for colleagues
• Emotional support and coping strategies if required

Why and when should I commission a Workplace Assessment?

As a responsible employer, you will want to ensure that all your staff feel supported, valued and have opportunities to maximise their potential while complying with your duty to make a reasonable adjustment under The Equality Act 2010.
If hearing loss is affecting one of your employees negatively, we will highlight the resources and workplace adjustments available to them.
An assessment should be commissioned before a new employee starts in their roles. Current employees who acquire a loss of hearing through illness, infection, injury or because of hereditary reasons and those with an existing condition should also be assessed.
Our fully trained assessors are experienced in collaborating with people at all levels.

Assessment Procedure

To start the process, please download and return the referral form below. We will then arrange a virtual workplace assessment with the employee as follows:
• Our consultant will be assigned the employee referral.
• An assessment appointment will be arranged within three working days of initial receipt of referral.
• Upon agreeing a convenient date with the employee, the consultant will establish the barriers they are facing.
• The consultant will assess the employee’s duties and make recommendations to maximise their effectiveness and job satisfaction.
• Upon completion, a comprehensive report will be submitted within 14 days to the employer, insurer and/or occupational health provider.


The cost of the assessment which includes a comprehensive report and recommendations is £795 plus any travel/accommodation expenses if applicable. No VAT is payable.

How to make a referral on behalf of someone with hearing loss

You can make an online referral by using this form – here’s the download link:

Visualise referral form for a workplace assessment

Any questions?

If you have any queries, please email or call Dan Williams on 07472305268.

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