Hearing Loss Workplace Assessment

Hearing Loss Workplace Assessment

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Hearing Loss and Deaf Workplace Assessments

Visualise Training and Consultancy Ltd can provide your organisation with Deaf, Hearing Loss and/or Tinnitus Workplace Assessments which affect five million UK people of working age. Meeting the requirements of your colleagues with additional needs is essential as an inclusive employer. Our holistic workplace assessments aim to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to successfully develop their careers while feeling valued and part of the team.

Spotting the signs of hearing loss 

Some employees may not realise they have hearing loss or find certain things challenging. The signs include…

  • Difficulty hearing people in meetings
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Turning up the TV volume
  • Struggling to hear on the phone

Why and when should I commission a Hearing Loss Workplace Assessment?

An assessment should take place as soon as hearing challenges are suspected or identified with a new starter or existing employee. Reasons for hearing loss or deafness can include illness, infection, injury or hereditary conditions and assessments should be updated every two years, or sooner if new barriers are identified.

As a responsible employer, you’ll want to comply with The Equality Act 2010 by implementing reasonable adjustments to accommodate your colleagues’ needs fully. This results in employees who feel supported and valued while fully maximising their productivity and wellbeing at work.

If hearing loss or deafness is affecting one of your employees negatively, we will highlight the resources and workplace adjustments available to them which may include:

  • changes to lighting and repositioning the layout of a meeting room to help with lipreading
  • adapting a job role to take additional needs into account
  • positioning to improve acoustics
  • a portable hearing loop to use during a training course away from the office
  • assistive technology
  • equipment, such as transmitting microphone radio aids and flashing-light fire alarms
  • support for meetings to aid communication, such as speech-to-text reporters
An image showing two people communicating via a video call. One has hearing loss.

Our workplace assessments offer a friendly and flexible solution for Deaf colleagues and those with hearing loss or tinnitus.

Our Deaf/Hearing Loss Workplace Assessment Includes:

  • Identifying workplace and home-related challenges
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Understanding the background history of hearing loss or deafness
  • Suggesting specialist aids, resources and equipment needed to perform duties effectively
  • Specialist learning options such as lipreading classes
  • Impacts of environmental factors
  • Identifying BSL interpreter provisions
  • Specialist training, such as deaf awareness training for colleagues
  • Providing emotional support and coping strategies

Assessment Procedure

Our fully trained assessors are experienced in collaborating with people at all levels and have lived and professional experience with hearing loss.To start the process, please download and return the referral form below. We will then arrange a hearing loss workplace assessment with the employee as follows:

  • our consultant will be assigned the employee referral.
  • an assessment appointment will be arranged within three working days of the initial receipt of the referral.
  • upon agreeing a convenient date with the employee, the consultant will establish the barriers they are facing.
  • the consultant will assess the employee’s duties and make recommendations to maximise their effectiveness and job satisfaction.
  • upon completion, a comprehensive report with recommendations for reasonable adjustments will be submitted within 10 working days to the employer, insurer and/or occupational health provider.

What our clients say…

“The process was very easy. I was a little apprehensive as having hearing aids is very new to me but the assessor was amazing and understood everything. She explained everything clearly and put my mind at rest regarding the assistive equipment I was going to receive.”

“The assessor was lovely, she was very helpful, considerate, knowledgeable and gave me some really good advice as I’m quite new to hearing aids and didn’t know what was available for work or home.”

“It was accessible but my Microsoft Teams crashed so I rang the assessor on my mobile which was great as I could hear her clearly and I didn’t have to use my headset as it pushes my hearing aids into my ears and head. Thank you”

“The assessment was extremely helpful and accessible, and I can’t find enough words to say how brilliant the assessor was. She was reassuring,  comforting, confident and knowledgeable. I have been struggling for years with hearing loss and she made me feel like I wasn’t alone. However much you are paying her, she deserves more!”

“The process was effortless, and the assessor was a consummate professional with extensive expertise that made me feel at ease and in exceptionally capable hands. She provided an engaging and holistic approach to my explicit needs by looking at solutions to fit me rather than the other way around.”


The cost of the assessment and comprehensive report and recommendations is £795 +VAT, plus any travel/accommodation expenses if applicable.

How to make a referral on behalf of someone who is Deaf, has hearing loss and/or tinnitus…

You can make an online referral by using this form – here’s the download link…