Cardiff Business Club Award

I have decided to write this blog to express my gratitude to Cardiff Business Club and the Prince’s Trust for awarding me with a special bursary to develop my business.

I have now been running my company for two years and The Prince’s Trust has been a great supporter from the beginning. I am amazed that Cardiff Business Club can see the value in my business and my efforts in trying to create a more inclusive world.

Running your own business can be hard at times, especially when you knock on several doors and nobody seems to be answering them. But it can be equally very rewarding when people do answer those doors.

Princes Trust Enterprise programme

Their Enterprise programme is a great platform to learn the fundamental skills needed in the business. It does offer training and mentoring support to funding and resources.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, here’s to many more years making the world a more inclusive place!

About the author

Daniel Williams, the director of Visualise Training Consultancy